We Discovered GoPro Camera On Etna And Now We Need The Online To Simply Help Us Discover The Proprietors. Here you will find the Last Pics (UPDATE)

Me and my spouse got hitched on Summer 17th. Forever we’d a plan to visit Sicily on our honeymoon. And now we performed. Since first moment we had been in love with every thing: folks, language, meals, sights, nature an such like. Our objectives within travel would be to climb Etna volcano. Moving to the point of this tale we climbed Etna on June twentieth. With this day we were extremely worked up about our trip, changes in our life, beauty of volcano which in addition had beenn’t the simplest thing to climb to. Nonetheless it’s really worth the effort as Etna is something out of this world, it seemed like walking in various planet or a moon.

On our way back through the greatest point of Etna we discovered Iphone, but instantly saw a lady looking for one thing so owner ended up being found immediately. But like after after that hundred measures we saw GoPro camera on the floor which time there have been no individuals looking for it. We wandered with-it all the way in our fingers, asking individuals whether they haven’t lost one, but with no success. Completely we considered what you should do with it either to go out of at lost and discovered or try to find its proprietors on our own. Something we understood that individuals don’t wish to hold something we don’t very own. And individuals whom destroyed it haven’t lost only a camera however it had all their precious thoughts and photos. We had been therefore happy with our Sicily experience and now we believed it absolutely was unfair some one features bad one and we also wish to return their camera to create straight back delight for them.

So dear united states neighborhood, help us find this girl or her friends so GoPro camera would discover its in the past house!

This was the last photo with a smile that people entirely on a camera

Actual last photo

Oh and listed here are united states, pleased as well as in love!

Etna conquered! On our strategy for finding GoPro!

UPDATE: Pandas, we did it! We discovered the dog owner!

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