Success Has No Particular Age

A teenage entrepreneur who has bowled over company chiefs by glancing at a considerable amount via a tuck shop was offered an internship at a big company.

Budding businessman Tommie Rose, has become the latest success story by selling treats to students at his high school. He plans to pay the earned amount on his college fees.

He had been offered an internship in a recruitment firm.

The co-founder of the company said: “We certainly need to have a conversation with Tommie and consider offering him an internship. We take young people, graduates and people on apprenticeships.”

“Tommie has clearly got a spark about him. We would love to learn what he is all about and if he would match”

After hearing the news, Tommie said: “I am thankful for the support. Some businessmen started selling items out, by way of example, of ice cream van or from their garage.”

“They started the same way — we’re extremely similar. I’m glad I have been offered something. That is precisely what I had to occur in the long term. It is a few years before I go to college.”

“My grades are fine — Cs and Ds. But that was with only 50 percent of my ideas because I have had my ideas in my organization.”

“With 100 percent of my ideas, I could do better and do well in business.”

Dad Gary, 33, said: “For him to be provided that’s remarkable. I’m absolutely thrilled.”

“That may be something we could go down the road of, as my mindset is, he’ll learn with the adventure.”

“I think he will most likely spend the bargain and do his learning while working just like he has been doing.”

“We have been amazed with the support from everyone.”

“It’s been a real eye-opener. I am so proud he’s done what he is — on his own, with no help from us.”

“This goes to show what you can do if you’re a young man from a council estate and you set your mind to it. Anything can open up.”

Tommie, from Ordsall, started selling snacks in the school three years ago after being inspired by entrepreneur TV shows. Several businessman from a range of those displays are encouraging Tommy.

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