Majestic Sea Animals Bear The Four Biospheres Of Ecuador on the Backs

Ecuador is an attractive country full of stunning all-natural conditions, and is additionally one of the more biodiverse nations on earth. Whenever Ecuador’s Tourism Board desired a fresh advertisement campaign to portray these facts, Brazilian imaginative company Manipula came up with the perfect option, generating some spectacular photographs of submerged animals whoever exposed parts of the body have transformed into parts of the durable and storied Galapagos Islands.

probably the most astonishing reasons for having this project is that the pets are CGI without pictures – In Manipula’s work-in-progress photos, you can view how they created the animals from electronic 3D meshes! The conditions to their backs represent Ecuador’s 4 most critical normal areas – the Amazon, the Andes, the Pacific coast and the Galapagos islands.

Their particular task reminds myself of the equally majestic sculptures by Chinese singer Wang Ruilin. Take a look!

More info: | Twitter | Behance | (h/t: lustik)

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